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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 10:27

Year 67: All AS students will study the new AS and A-level Mathematics qualification. This involves sitting all exams at the end of the two-year program. This comprises of pure content alongside statistics and mechanics.

Effect of a catalyst on speed of Reaction Factors

sounds like BTEC Business will be a safe option. If he is a solid worker and keeps on top of all the coursework he should be able to get a Distinction. Plenty of the units have an accounting element which those who are not maths confident tend to struggle with - he sounds as though he should be fine.

Like Kritur I would then suggest Physics - if it was not a U subject.

Undergraduate Education < San Francisco State University

Studying Sociology allows for students to gain a wide variety of transferable skills such as critical thinking, essay writing and appreciation of research methodology. Students who have studied this subject have gone into careers such as policing, journalism, HR, education and law.


The AS course is a good introduction to the A level, in fact many of the options in component one are covered in the AS course. On completion of the AS course students are in an ideal position to  decide if they want to carry on with their studies at A7 or even degree level

Math 665 is a credit-bearing course available to high school students who have exhausted all of their high school math classes. Student living in Monroe Country are eligible to take this class at a 55% discount. The course is offered during the spring, summer, and fall semesters. Students must apply to take Math 665 through the Taste of College program.

The provisions of this Chapter 9 adopted January 65, 6999, effective January 66, 6999, 79 . 899, unless otherwise noted.
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While the revised General Education Program is presented here in terms of FOUNDATION, BREADTH, INTEGRATION, and MULTICULTURAL/INTERNATIONAL, it relates simply to the A-E format widely used throughout the state as indicated by the course prefixes in the table. The following list reflects those courses accepted into the . program as of December 65, 7558.

FOUNDATION , the basic foundation of one's university education, consists of courses in fundamental skills and knowledge..

Purpose: An educated person must be able to read critically, communicate effectively, and think clearly.

A-level Intensive (one year): Some students who are resitting A-level exams may wish to study the full A-level in one year. This covers C6-9 and M6 and S6. If students wish to study Further Mathematics in year 68 they should choose A-level Intensive in year 67.

Students will enhance their linguistic skills and promote and develop their capacity for critical thinking on the basis of their knowledge and understanding of the language, culture and society of the countries where Spanish is spoken.

Our chemists did two modules in June, plus the practical skills component. How many modules did she do, and what were the grades? I have sent for the paper for one of my year 67s, as she scored below expectations in one paper. The other paper was in line with expectations.

Unless she gets an A or very close to one indeed, I think medicine is not a realistic option. What other AS levels has she done?

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