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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 13:04

This world of ours is a magical, magical place. I 8767 d heard that pumpkin beer exists in America, but pumpkin wine?! Strawberry rhubarb wine? Oh, that would be enough to pull me back over the brink from teetotalling, for sure!

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[ ] However, I also experienced many magical times with my grandparents before they moved to Canberra. I could talk about for hours about my memories of those school holidays visits to my grandparents’ house in Sydney but, instead, I’d like to tell you about the breakfasts I enjoyed there. There were two (breakfasts, that is) one made by my grandpa, and one by my grandma. [ ]

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Dear Kate,
Thank you so very much for commenting! I 8767 m absolutely thrilled that you made and liked these treats, although I 8767 ve had to stem my envy at your offhand mention and use of hemp 😉 (it 8767 s still illegal here in Australia). And I 8767 m off the firm belief that my readers are by far the greater, or greatest, mortals 🙂 🙂 I hope you find other inspiration here too!

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I am glad you have such special skills that can be called on in time of need!
Your grandparents sound like sweeties no wonder your grandpa is hanging in there! I have been sold on these by your grandmother saying they are like condensed milk nothing could endear them to me more!

Oh Ellie, I truly appreciate that, but my rates of good photos to bad photos are about 6 to 8789796896676978. Stupid lack of light in my house! (These were taken at my parents 8767 place 😛 )

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Grandma 8767 s many alleriges (those I mentioned don 8767 t even cover the half of it) were only diagnosed in the past few decades, so she spent a lot of her life in discomfort, sadly! I wonder if many people were like that, or if allergies truly have skyrocketed lately? I 8767 m inclined to think the latter.

Good wishes to your grandparents. I hope your grandpa continues to make good progress.
I have just made these treats plus the addition of a Tbsp of hemp protein powder and they are sublime. I totally get your grandma 8767 s reference to condensed milk. They are sweet, caramelly, and a snap to make.
These will definitely have a place in my lunch box. Thanks for your sharing your inspiration with us lesser mortals.

Yay!! I 8767 m so delighted you liked them! And the salt definitely isn 8767 t make-or-break, it just kind of accentuates the flavours a little bit. 🙂

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[ ] you can give a quarter to your dinner date, a quarter to the grandma who didn’t receive your date coconut cashew treats, a quarter to your dad as part of his Fathers Day present, and a quarter can be hoarded for [ ]

8775 If I had a cape, it would be made of maple syrup, nuts, chocolate, and fairy-floss, and it would float lightly in the air behind me without getting my hair sticky. 8776

A few weeks ago, I made my grandma a batch of my raw vegan brownies with icing of pure amazingness , using agave instead of honey (she’s allergic). To all you non-believers: if an 87 year old woman who used to feed her children junket can fall head over heels for my raw vegan brownies, so can you. So. Can. You. ( BFF.)

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