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Date of publication: 2017-08-22 23:39

Don 8767 t worry too much about developing the specific skills you need for the jobs you 8767 re interested in now those can be gained on work experience, though involvement in student societies and on graduate schemes. We would recommend you take at least two facilitating subjects if you are interested in the top universities. English Literature, Art and Design and Economics are good choices, but we would advise against Media Studies and Business. You might instead want to consider History, Geography or Maths. You will not need Music Technology A-level to be a radio presenter.

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(iv) law is ridiculously competitive and is only a viable option for the most academically gifted and talented candidates who are genuinely committed to that career path

Writing a magazine article - Investigating magazines

Obviously these are simply our suggestions and there are many more possible options for each subject. However, you should certainly reconsider your current set of subjects.

Film Studies GCSE (from 2009)

I want to do a degree in Psychology but I 8767 m not very good at any of the sciences and so have chosen English Lit, Psychology and Geography A-Levels instead. Will this still allow me to get into a psychology degree?

It certainly seems as if Geography and English Language or English Lit and Lang would be good options for you at A-level. Depending on what it is that you enjoy about Geography (as well as which subjects your school offers), you might want to consider Government and Politics, Geology, Economics, Religious Studies, Sociology, Environment Science or Law any two of which would complement English Language and Geography.

I 8767 m currently doing AS Mathematics, Economics, French and Italian (only exam for Italian because I 8767 m fluent in Italian). I want to take degree/master in Maths or Economics and I also want to go to a Russell group university. Can you tell me if my subjects are good for my degree and if universities are going to like it? I was doing AS Further Maths too, but after I dropped it because it was too much. Do I need to do further maths if I want to take a degree in Maths? I 8767 m considering doing AS Further Maths next year, do you think it 8767 s a good idea or is it going to be too much? Is French and Italian A levels going to affect my university application as I 8767 m taking 7 languages?
Please answer my questions, I 8767 m so confounded now!

If you want to keep Economics as a possibility, I would strongly recommend (if option blocks allow it) taking Maths at A-level. Most universities actually prefer Maths to Economics for potential university Economics students many won 8767 t accept you without a Maths A-level. Maths also wouldn 8767 t do you any harm for Psychology, where universities are likely to want to see another science subject (which includes Maths). Biology or Chemistry would also be good options.

Its me again. Thank you for the reply. I have actually started my A-levels and have chosen three subjects
Psychology, Business studies and Media studies. Do you think this is an acceptable combination?
My future aim is Film and Television

Makes up 75% of the AS Physics and counts towards 65% of the GCE
This unit involves an experiment that is based on a physics-based visit or a case study of an application of physics.

Many music degrees have performance, theory, history and composition components. A-level Music, along with a high standard on at least one musical instrument (with practical and theory exam grades to prove it), will be essential or highly desirable. In addition to your main instrument, Grade 5 piano is often considered desirable. If your school doesn’t offer A-level music, some universities will accept ABRSM Grade 8 Music Theory instead (note that A-level Music Technology is unlikely to be considered a suitable alternative to A-level Music). Other than music, it’s up to you what else you study essay-based subjects are useful, and it’s often said that musicians make good mathematicians (and vice versa)!

However, instead I was thinking of taking philosophy and ethics as I think this is just a good a-level as it can apply to pretty much any course. I am very interested in philosophy and I think I would enjoy the course and learning aspects much more than english. I do RE at GCSE and I defiantly enjoy it and have achieved A/A* in all mock papers.

Politics is a respectable subject for a range of social science and humanities degrees, which can lead to careers in Law, Journalism, Civil Service, Politics, as well as careers in banking and finance. It will provide a range of transferable skills and enhance independent study skills.

The only subject you specifically mention wanting to drop is Chemistry. Given you don 8767 t want to go for a science/Maths degree, that or Further Maths is the obvious choice to drop. Given you 8767 re considering Economics, Maths + Further Maths is a stronger combination than Maths + Chemistry.

(ii) there are plenty of good careers open to humanities graduates it all depends on how talented and employable you are. A degree does not in itself guarantee a job, lucrative or otherwise

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