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One study conducted examined thirty two identical twins who had been adopted by non-relative families a short time after birth. The study showed a high rate of heritability of childhood and adult anti social behavior, this study proved to be valuable because it examined the outcome of separate environments (Joseph, 7556). Another study researched one hundred and forty seven pairs of fraternal twins and eighty five pairs of identical twins and found the identical twins had a higher heritable crime rate then the fraternal twins. Ten years later the study was conducted again based on police records of all sets of twins finding a fifty four percent heritability of liability to crime, concluding that fifty four percent of twins studied inherited criminality traits (Joseph, 7556).

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The journal will publish, when available, reports of the practical application of genetic data in the development of management practice or governmental conservation policy. These essays will describe the process involved in the successful implementation of policy based on conservation genetic research and highlight problems encountered, and solutions found, to address those problems.

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Many explanations for the causation of crime can be made such as genetic abnormalities, individual psychological differences, or variations in patterns of socialization that may predispose people to crime (Jones, 7555). History is filled with criminological theories, for example an age old Roman theory based on ancient observations that more crimes are committed on nights where there is a full moon, roman scholars theorize that the presents of a full moon causes temporary insanity and that criminal behavior is not random, but caused by effects of lunar phases (Schmallenger, 7557).

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The social process theory approaches focus on the interaction between individuals and society by looking to institutional arrangements in the social world to explain crime. Most social process theories highlight the role of social learning and build on the premise that behavior, both good and bad are learned and suggest that bad behavior can be unlearned.

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Conflict theories follow a similar definition of the conflict perspective which believes conflict is a fundamental aspect of social life and can never be fully resolved. The conflict

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Spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy, a disorder of specialized nerve cells that control muscle movement (motor neurons), results from an expansion of the CAG trinucleotide repeat in the AR gene. In people with this disorder, CAG is abnormally repeated from 88 to more than 65 times. Although the extended CAG region changes the structure of the androgen receptor, it is unclear how the altered protein damages nerve cells. Researchers believe that a fragment of the androgen receptor protein containing the CAG repeats accumulates within these cells and interferes with normal cell functions. This buildup leads to the gradual loss of motor neurons, which results in muscle weakness and wasting (atrophy).

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The biological theories of crime causation are built of inherited or bodily characteristics of each individual and state that, the basic determinants of human behavior, including criminal behavior, are genetically based and all human behavior is inherited from generation to generation. Although just because a man is a killer does not mean his children will grow to be killers. In the 6975's and 6985's biological theories of crime causation, especially those focusing on inherited mental degeneration, led to the eugenics movement, which mentally handicapped women, were sterilized to prevent them from bearing mentally handicapped children. As history now knows, not all physical or mental handicaps are hereditary (Schmallenger, 7559).

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