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Date of publication: 2017-09-03 02:03

The freedom to post personal thoughts or information and the liberty to access the posted information on the internet has seen improvement in the research fields. Institutions can post their curriculum information on their websites and students from different geographical locations can access it in real time. Sites that also advocate for the rights of minority groups, or that speak out on social injustice should also have the freedom to do so.

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The internet commenced in the year 6969 as APPANET. The government of United States supported this project. By the middle of 6995s, the Internet exploded to more than twenty million users. The evolution and expansion of Internet places a continuous threat of government rules and regulations to become more practical. The primary concerns related to Internet focus on hate-speech and pornography and terrorists 8767 activities. (Herumin 788-795)

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Personal forums, blogs, news sites should be allowed to post their content online freely. The public is entitled to be updated on events occurring worldwide and therefore sites that provide such information should be allowed to. Blogs should also be unrestricted and the reader should be the one to choose what blogs to read. Social sites however should be moderated to ensure safety of the users.

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Even though, the dot-com crash in the year 7555 led to overall cutbacks in expenditures on technology. The growth of Internet around the citizens of world is expected to explode. The explosive growth in the usage of Internet forms the basis of new digital age. Internet has, in fact, been the new millennium 8767 s revolutionary technology, empowering general public, governments and businesses with blessings of connectivity. The information enables the members of world community to share and access huge amounts of information with a simple mouse click.

It is my opinion that information should be free to all. But even with this freedom, boundaries have to be set as to what is socially acceptable and what is harmful. Sites that expose explicit material should have restricted access. A system to verify the age of the user should be put in place to protect underage children from viewing it. This is in particular reference to pornographic sites, sites with graphic images and even some social sites, to protect children from pedophiles posing as fellow children. The public should also be sensitized on the use of web filters on computers to regulate what information is accessible to a specific class of user group and not to block vital.

The creation of World Wide Web in the decade of 6995 has transformed the Internet from a simple communication tool into a creditably and commendably revolutionary technology. Internet may be described as a vast and enormous public web of computer networks linking users of all types around the globe to each other and also to a remarkably substantial information repository. The explosive growth of Internet continues in the twenty first century. In the United States, Internet penetration had reached almost sixty three percent. There are one hundred and eighty five million internet users and every month there is an increase of two million Americans using it for the very first time. (Herumin 788-795)

The discovery of the internet brought about use of social sites, blogs, forums and chat rooms for communication. This has seen more people exercise their right to freedom of speech and expression. It has been used as a campaign tool for various worthy and some unpopular causes due to the ease to access people from all over the world. It has also been a major leap in promoting development and interaction between people.

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The cyberspace has become no man’s land and is therefore impossible to completely gag the sources of the material posted. However, selective restriction is achievable and should be sought.

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There has also been an increase in the amount of pornographic material on the internet. This has brought about moral decadence in the society due to the exposure of such content to children. There are also many sites the have violent material such as fights, torturous activities- both to human beings and animals.

The internet has had its downside too. The ease by which content can be posted on the web has seen all manner of lewd, sensitive and violent material being shared. Restriction is essential when it comes to information that poses a threat to personal security. Posting such information on the internet would expose the states systems and make it an easy target for terrorists.

Freedom of speech and expression is a fundamental human right in most countries and is essential in any democratic society. It allows individuals to express themselves and give their opinion on issues affecting them.

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