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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 10:27

This is my personal story of why I decided to leave Academia. While sad, I know I'm not the only one to have experienced this. This is why I am sharing the story of my , my dissertation, my dissertation committee members, my experience with the dean, how my defense went, and why.


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A few days after my offer to make two of the three edits, I heard back: that would be acceptable. Dr. Mao would be willing to give me my . under those terms, and Different Dean would make an exception for a late submission for a May degree.

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Penn GSE is a diverse and inclusive community of learners. The School’s intimate size fosters extraordinary lifelong connections among faculty, students, and staff. Hands-on experiences are a priority in our programs, and our students make real-life contributions while they study. Employers know that Penn GSE graduates are prepared for successful careers as education leaders.

As most of you are aware, a recent . of the Department has made certain research-related allegations against a faculty member in an internet posting. We want to make explicitly clear that the former student’s allegations were previously investigated and found to be without merit. Unfortunately, due to the nature of social media, this posting has been picked up and redistributed on the internet.

Intimidated by our enthusiasm, our youth, and our ideas. The paradox of advising is that they are essentially training their replacements, who, most likely, will over-turn and repudiate much of what they have spent their entire career building. I’m talking about ideas here. I’m also talking about methodologies, epistemologies, and pedagogies.

Further, it is essentialist to assume that women cannot also replicate the system of oppression, especially if they want to succeed within it. Female professors are often just as sexist as their male counterparts, which explains how and why it is still not only a disadvantage, but nearly a mark of shame to become pregnant at any point in one’s academic career.

Reason One: $$$ (money)-- with a ., entering into the admin side, at a large public university at least, you're starting out at around $65,555 (or more!) and you are in line to become a dean, who can make a very comfy six salary figure eventually.

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