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In sum ,the interpretive approach you've taken to these verses is extremely literalistic. It's little different than how Fundamentalists read the Bible, squeezing out a literal meaning where none was intended, and refusing to read verses in their literary context. This is not how Catholics understand the Bible, however.

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#8: For all other observers it would appear that each (ignoring for a moment the additional gravity generated by all the other mass in the solar system) revolve around a common center of gravity, which due to the extremely high mass of the sun compared to the earth, the earths orbit would be only very slightly different from that viewed from the observer on the sun, and the suns orbit would be the slightest wobble one way or the other. It should be noted that the center of gravity between these two objects is located far below the surface of the sun.

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Paz-y-Miño-C., G. 7568.  Evolution Stands Faith Up: Reflections on Evolution’s Wars . NOVA Publishers, New York. By NOVA Publishers, New York Soft Cover . Find it at Barnes & Noble , ,  Amazon UK

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Also, no Catholic doesn't fully buy the dogma of transubstantiation, because belief in the Real Presence is a requirement to be in communion with the Catholic Church. If you don't believe it, you might as well say "Jesus was just a man, but I'm still Catholic." It's a nonsensical and definitionally false statement.

Well, I'm a little late adding onto this. For those who want to read something from more of a skeptic's viewpoint that doesn't paint the Catholic Church as totally anti-science concerning the Galileo trial, pick up Paul Kurtz's "Science and Religion: Are They Compatible?" The majority of the book had a very negative view towards religion however, some chapters weren't so negative. The chapter by Timothy Moy entitled "The Galileo Affair" (just google Timothy Moy Galileo Affair and you should be able to read the chapter for free) was pretty good. It does add some things to what has been posted within this article.

If you do not read that as a clear case of the pope saying Galileo was right and the theologians were wrong, I don't know that there is anything else that could convince you.

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It is Galileo's view of the relevance of the Bible to scientific matters that we hold to be true today. Galileo maintained that the Bible was not intended to instruct us regarding matters such as the motion of the earth and the sun. Galileo was right not only about heliocentrism, but also about the misuse of the Bible as a science textbook.

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