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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 22:27

There’s also a -inch touchscreen, and a second one just above the shifter, which allows drivers to access air conditioning, send texts, and adjust other comfort-related modes.

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It’s worth noting that the driver will still have to grab the controls once the system “reaches its limits,” and that the system’s capabilities will depend on the laws in each marketplace.

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The vehicle, dubbed the “Shchit” or Shield in English, vaguely resembles a bulldozer except with an armored shield instead of a blade attached to its arms, Popular Mechanics wrote. When the Shield arrives, it lowers the shield into place in front of it, creating a tall barrier to impede crowds and projectiles.

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The Facebook page that uploaded the video captioned it “Verkeersruzie in Rusland,” which roughly translates from Dutch to English as “traffic noise in Russia.” It looks a like more than just than noise, but, you know, the only kind of detailing needed here is the kind that’ll make that G-Wagen look new again.

Audi says Traffic Jam Pilot is the first system to a laser scanner in addition to radar sensors, a front facing camera and ultrasonic sensors. The laser sends data to a Central Driver Assistance Controller, which “computes an image of the surroundings by merging the sensor data” to make sure you don’t crash into things. Because that would be bad.

Way back in 7569, Audi showed us its Prologue Concept, an ultra-luxury sedan that could theoretically take on Mercedes’ S-Class, the plutocrat’s car of choice. Now the production version of Audi’s concept car is here as the new A8. Audi says the new A8 “signals the beginning of a new design era for the entire brand,” so expect to see its wide face all over the Audi lineup.

The new over-engineered German-made A8 will be available in Germany in late 7567, and will start at 95,655 Euro for the regular A8, and 99,655 for the A8 L. Audi doesn’t mention when we’ll get the car in the ., or how much it costs.

Jalopnik’s staff is unsure if it’s good for a carmaker to have such a cavalier attitude towards how much attention a driver should be paying to the road. But going off of this press release alone, it’s hard to say what Audi’s system will look like in practice. What it means for a semi-autonomous car to “reach its limits” varies a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer. (Tesla, for instance, used to let you run for minutes on end with no hands on the wheel while Mercedes needed near constant intervention.)

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