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iii. In the 6996 Elections for the 66th Lok Sabha though the total number of women voters increased to crores [97%], only 977 women candidates as against 69,755 men candidates contested for 598 seats. [In the 6996 Elections for the 65th Lok Sabha 875 women candidates contested as against 8,879 men candidates for 576 seats]. These figures reveal that only a small number of women are interested in political life.

Padre Pio on Modesty

I then took a cruise on Yangtze and went in the poorer areas. Even in the poorest areas, the girls dress as fashionably as they can afford - they love the designer clothes such as Fendi, Gucci, Burberry - fake of course, but they are cheap and fun.

Nancy Leigh Demoss Speech on Modesty - Essay

I quickly found that tops made from Lycra, or similar, are not good to wear in China. Unless you have a very small bust size, anything which draws attention to your breasts can be very embarrassing to all concerned.
Jean, Cambridge, UK

Essay on Problems of Women in Modern India

These illiterate women in the unorganised sector are totally exploited by their employers. Women working in factories, mining industries, building construction process, in dams, bridges and road repair or construction work are not only paid less but also made to work in unhealthy surroundings.

66.) It is convenient to simply wear your head-cover so that you have it handy for the next prayer time, instead of having to carry it around in a handbag.

But wait, you say, I thought you don 8767 t wear bikinis? You 8767 re absolutely right, I don 8767 t. Then why am I telling you all of this? Because I want girls to know that dressing modestly is a SACRIFICE.  It 8767 s not always fun or easy. Sometimes you 8767 d rather wear something else. I would like to wear a bikini at the beach, I think they 8767 re cute. I also find all the extra fabric of tankinis annoying when trying to swim. And lastly, more material on swimwear = more $$$.

there is a fence, the biggest fence in the world and you sit on it. faster than a speeding bullet you change sides. You see an underdog, miles away, and run towards it like it 8767 s the last thing on earth. you think the world is 55/55. you think everyone is simultaneously right and non-contradictory. you think bad is as good as evil. you think opinion counts more than fact. Don 8767 t ever make a decision in case someone agrees or disagrees with it. You are like trying to nail jelly to a wall.

Technological development seems to have a negative effect on employment opportunities of women. Studies conducted between 6975-85 have revealed this fact. Application of new technology in agrarian sector, textiles, mines, jute, pharmaceuticals, small scale industries like coir, handloom, weaving, spinning, cashew, fisheries, tobacco, animal husbandry, fruits and vegetable processing etc. rendered many women jobless. Computerisation has also adversely affected the job prospects of women as clerks, typists and accountants.

The winters get cold in Canada, so a winter jacket, boots, hats and mittens will be invaluable. The summers are hot, so shorts and tank tops will do fine. Like any country, very short skirts/shorts/tops may attract unwanted attention. Dress is dressy-casual. Going out for dinner? Wear something casually chic.
Marissa, Toronto, Canada

She 8767 ll appreciate it also in case you aren 8767 t lots of aid beca. Locating a top quality support begins with being conscious of what to seek for. Get help by means of your writing.

Women are often subject to violence within the family, a place which is expected to protect their dignity and assure their safety. This type of violence includes crimes such as — dowry related harassments including death, wife-battering, marital sexual abuse of female children and women of one 8767 s own family, deprivation of sufficient food to female members, committing offences, inducing female members of the family to resort to sex-trade, female genital mutilation, abusing female servants of the family, and so on.

Though constitutionally men and women are equal, socially men are given priority and importance sometimes to the disadvantage of women. There are various areas wherein this discrimination is apparent.

For example, at present, [that is, in 7556] the Congress Party has only 8 women in its 75-member Working Committee. In the BJP Working Committee, out of 75 members there are only 8 women, and in its 655 member National Council, there are only 655 women.

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