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Students can write questions about the story as a post-reading exercise. These questions can then be integrated into formal tests or informal questioning games. You might want to suggest that students generate questions by adapting sentences from the text. Students can also generate questions to identify their own uncertainties about the text. They can then try to answer these questions by consulting you or other students.

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Students develop new knowledge based on their experience of the world, in making an effort to make sense of information, students must make connections between old knowledge and new information. Teachers have to adjust the instructional scaffold depending on students' prior knowledge and current interest.

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Cognitive behavioural play therapy is a sensitive approach seen to be effective when working with children based on CBT from 8 years and above with various disorders. Cognitive behavioural play therapy is used to teach children strategies to change their negative thinking and views in order to develop positive thinking and understandings (Knell & Dasari 7559).

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The UDL Guidelines were compiled by David H. Rose, ., Co-Founder and Chief Education Officer at CAST, and Jenna Gravel, ., doctoral student at Harvard. They have received extensive review and comments from: colleagues at CAST teachers at the elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels researchers and other practitioners. As with Guidelines we will be inviting peer review and comments from individuals throughout the field.

Constructivist theory can be incorporated into the curriculum, and advocate that teachers create environments in which children can construct their own understandings (Zemelman, Daniels, and Hyde, 6998).

The therapist is required not to direct the child in any manner, unless where the child's safety is at risk. The therapist allows the child to lead the session and the therapist follows their lead.

Scaffolding - Adapting instructional materials . a PE teacher lower the basket while teaching shooting techniques and then raises it as students become proficient

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Child psychotherapy has established a strong tradition across Europe and has grown significantly. In Ireland, child psychotherapy has grown more slowly in comparison to American and Europe. However, professionals' interest in play as a intervention has developed gradually over the past decade. Practioners are becoming more increasingly aware of the seriousness of emotional issues experienced by children and the difficulties that may arise. These children are likely to require more serious treatment that may not be available to them.

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