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Studios Are Right: Rotten Tomatoes Has Ruined Film

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:37

However, RT 8767 s corporate parents must be thrilled: They own a property that 8767 s poised to replace the star system and has already become the shorthand for critical response. No wonder it engenders fear and loathing from Hollywood 8767 s most powerful players.

Jennifer Lawrence Responds to Passengers Criticism in

I 8767 ll answer you this way: If there were a whole bunch of critics who I thought were doing a good job, then I would stop. *laughs* Because really, the reason why I do what I do is because I think there are things that need to be said about movies, about culture, about the world, that nobody 8767 s saying. And that 8767 s why I do what I do. I can only ask you to read around, read as widely as you can. Whoever you read, hold them to a standard, and don 8767 t simply enjoy a critic because they say what you want to hear. But read as many people as you care to, but ask yourself: Are they REALLY talking about what 8767 s on the screen? Do they know the history of this form? Do they have any political awareness? Do they have any spiritual, or moral, or religious awareness even?

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Most critics, then and now, would be satisfied with (hell, proud of) the surface observations and rhetorical flourishes that pepper Kael’s piece. But she drills down on these insights, at the hard truths beneath them. So it’s one thing to praise how director Arthur Penn and screenwriters David Newman and Robert Benton use dark humor as ironic counterpoint it’s another to note, “Children of peddlers and hod carriers don’t feel at home in tragedy we are used to failure. But, because of the quality of American life at the present time, perhaps there can be no real comedy—nothing more than stupidity and ‘spoof’—without true horror in it.”

Film Academy Broadens Voting Pool After Oscars Criticism

So, Dear Hollywood: All the criticism you feel you are hearing is really more about disinterest. And the time of the white, default omniverse is going away.

I don t know much about achieving this, I just know it s a process. I thought I was listening before, but lately I ve gone on a huge streak of unfollowing white dudes and adding a ton POC, women, and trans writers and already it s radically reshaping my sense of "the internet" and what the public conversation really is. It s owning the fact that I ve definitely written problematic things in the past, and hell, I probably wrote problematic things in this very post. That s okay. I m not writing this post to feel good about myself (hint: it really doesn t). But I m not worrying about who I am or how this is coming off. I m willing to make mistakes. And I m just going to listen to what comes out of this.

I see a worrisome overlap between those who tend to deal with movies in an overtly political context and those who tend to mistake a lot of depiction for endorsement. Specifically, the overt concern that a film always needs to show how the world should work, and that coming at it any other way is messaging that condones the behavior.

In an interview published Thursday by The Guardian , Cameron said Hollywood&rsquo s &ldquo self-congratulatory back-patting&rdquo over &ldquo 8767 Wonder Woman 8767 has been so misguided.&rdquo

White elaborated on this point for awhile, essentially asserting that many internet film sites don 8767 t engage in what he calls 8775 criticism. 8776 He later asserted that there really shouldn 8767 t be any film critics under the age of 85:

But before that, she 8767 s taking on the cryptic horror movie 8775 Mother !, 8776 directed by Darren Aronofsky. Though there has been little released about the film, which opens Sept. 65, Lawrence said she 8775 had to go to a darker place than I&rsquo ve ever been in my life. 8776

Perhaps the most illuminating part of the evening for me came when I asked White to name some of his favorite film critics. There was dead silence for a good five seconds, before White reluctantly stated:

Anyway , since I love ranking things and you love ranking things and then we love to fight about the rankings of things, I figured since the episode is kinda-sorta about Darren Aronofsky 8767 s latest,  mother!  I 8767 d rank his films. Sounds like fun, right? RIGHT? Pour yourself a stiff one and then step on in to my parade of sadness.

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