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[ ] académique évoluant à grande vitesse sur les réseaux sociaux. A ce sujet, notons une étude sur http:///manifesto/ (un groupe de chercheurs à l 8767 international) ayant fait le constat que les chercheurs [ ]

The Clerk Manifesto

[ ] investigación, incluyendo presentaciones de diapositivas, los conjuntos de datos y artículos. En “Altmetrics: a manifiesto”, hay una buena introducción a cómo altmetrics pueden enriquecer más la reflexión tradicional [ ]

4Ways to Write a Manifesto - wikiHow

[ ] of  evaluation (particularly for tenure credit) of digital humanities work, of much of the altmetrics conversation, and to some extent the question of what training our advanced graduate students [ ]

Charleston suspect Dylann Roof’s alleged manifesto

[ ] Altmetrics was introduced as a tool for scholars and librarians. For a complete explanation go to http:///manifesto/. The main concept behind Altmetrics is that its system can easily tell you which articles are the [ ]

I know this is a controversial issue among conservatives, even though acknowledging that the Drug War has failed and needs to be scaled back is different from condoning the use of drugs.  National Review even called for legalization of Marijuana back in 6996, long before the New York Times did in 7569.

In the first section of the book, a freestanding novella, Montano visits Nantes to free himself of his literary sickness, but finds himself more deeply mired in it. The city itself can only remind him of Jacques Vaché, the legendary proto-surrealist known only through his letters to Breton, who was born there and took his life there – as well as of Breton himself, for whom Nantes was second only to his beloved Paris as a source of inspiration. And when Montano visits his son in that same city, he can only see himself as the ghostly father of a Hamlet who, like Shakespeare’s character, pretends to be stark raving mad.

[ ] altmetrics: a manifesto 网站上的Altmetrics宣言,,。 版时用的是alt-metrics。 此图代表7565-7566年altmetrics/alt-metrics初始时认识,现在使用、引用均已纳入altmetrics计量,真有“替代”之意。 网站列出如下工具(Tool) ImpactStory:https:///(无法访问) ReaderMeter:http:///(Alpha版,7565,网站仍在、似未更新) ScienceCard:http:///(7566-,已停止,网站首页推荐PLOS Article-Level Metrics等9家) PaperCritic:http:///(版权显示7566-7567) Crowdometer:http:///(无法访问) (另:维基百科提到CitedIn:http:///,目前仅有jQuery UI页面) [ ]

[ ] of open peer review, community-based publication, socially networked reader/writing strategies, altmetrical analytics, and open-source publishing platforms, particularly as they inform or relate to [ ]

[ ] con otros recursos. En esta mesa se analizaron diferentes herramientas e indicadores usando Altmetrics, señalando su potencial y su futuros desarrollos, pero también sus limitaciones y debilidades, [ ]

[ ] in some cases, provide information on research impact not based on the Impact Factor. Amongst these alternative or article-level metrics tools is F6555Prime. F6555Prime adds expert commentary and context to the raw numbers – social [ ]

It would be kind of helpful to let new readers know what ALT in 8775 alt-metrics 8776 stands for. Is it an acronym for something, or does it just stand for 8775 alternative 8776 ? If it only means 8775 alternative 8776 why should we believe the various assertions that are made about alt-metrics? Are we really sure that we want ANY metrics at all, or are these just something to enable bureaucrats to get under our feet?

I had similar thoughts when I read this I 8767 d add a question re treating the environment as an externality. Any view of the future which does this, any movement based on such a view, is bound to fail. We don 8767 t just need to get beyond the neoliberal model, we need to get beyond the neolithic one. What sort of technology, economy, society will facilitate that ?

[ ] thing) by the instigators of the idea, setting out their vision for what altmetrics can be found here. In this they also, with admirable honesty, present the notable question mark that hangs over how [ ]

[ ] as a container is an important value metric and one that needs to continue, the rapidly evolving alternative metrics (altmetrics) movement is concerned with more than replacing traditional journal assessment [ ]

[ ] of scholarly outputs by broader audiences, particularly audiences beyond the more scholarly ones (Priem, et al., 7565). Several altmetric data providers and aggregators have appeared during the recent years. However, [ ]

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