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Company is spending more money for overtime of office staff since they are using the manual processing of data. They use calculator to compute for payroll and manual report of inventory and stocks. Also, the processing of data is very slow. Office staff do not use computer for their report such as computing payroll, monitoring inventory and printing reports.

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Changes in healthcare have led to pressures on providers to spend less time with patients resulting in less time for questions, empathy and compassion. Helen Riess , ., a Harvard Medical Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and Chief Scientist and Chairman of Empathetics, is one person working hard to reverse this trend. Dr. Riess's company teaches empathy to doctors and other healthcare professionals often leading to very positive outcomes. Click here to listen to the interview.

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You need to be more exacting in your transition sentences. By using a transition sentence like this, the reader assumes your entire paragraph will describe your work with latchkey children. As a result, your treatment of other topics catches the reader off guard.


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• Date Analysis
It specify the procedures you will use, and label them accurately like for instance ANOVA, MANCOVA, HLM, ethnology, case study, grounded theory.

II.    Summary
It includes synopsis of the rationale for the proposed research, statement of the problem, aims and objectives, the methods or approaches used and significance of the proposal.

The show is about the Joys and Oys of Parenting , a book written by a respected colleague, Dr. Maurice Elias, an expert in parenting and emotional and social intelligence. Dr. Elias wrote a book tying Judaism and emotional intelligence together to help parents with the challenging, compelling task of raising emotionally healthy children. And while there are fascinating links to Judaism the book is really for everybody. Click here to listen to the interview.

The paired sample t -test requires the sample data to be numeric and continuous, as it is based on the normal distribution. Continuous data can take on any value within a range (income, height, weight, etc.). The opposite of continuous data is discrete data, which can only take on a few values (Low, Medium, High, etc.). Occasionally, discrete data can be used to approximate a continuous scale, such as with Likert-type scales.

This unprecedented rise of China and India to global economic superpowers has defied all expectation and shows no signs of waning. Even in the tough economic condition of the past few years both countries have registered growth rates which are close to the highest in the world. But has this come at the cost of market efficiency? This report aims to test empirical evidence and run other tests to find if both the markets are weak form efficient..

I do not think this paragraph adds much to your essay. You need to prove your qualifications through examples rather than simply describe them to reader.

Practical significance depends on the subject matter. It is not uncommon, especially with large sample sizes, to observe a result that is statistically significant but not practically significant. In most cases, both types of significance are required in order to draw meaningful conclusions.

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